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New website launched for the Baha’i community of Canada

New website launched for the Baha’i community of Canada

The Baha’i community of Canada has relaunched its official websites at a new domain: The main website of the Baha’i community has undergone a number of major revisions in its design and content.

The design of the new website is intended to welcome visitors into an exploration of the Baha’i Faith in Canada through sections about who Baha’is are, and what Baha’is do.

The first section is called “A Diverse and Growing Community,” and it includes pages on the origins of the Baha’i community in Canada, including the visit of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá to Montréal and brief biographical portraits of early Canadian Baha’is. It also introduces the community administration and institutions of the Baha’i community. A new feature of the website is a series of pages focused on different parts of the country, narrating the growth and development of the Baha’i Faith in seven different regions.

The second section of the website is called “Belief and Learning in Action,” which conveys what Baha’is do. This includes pages on personal transformation, building community, participating in public discourse, and social action. Together, these pages present different aspects of practice and action within Baha’i life. Visitors are able to explore each of these topics at some depth, either by continuing on to or investigating short essays on themes like “the role of youth in society,” reconciliation,” and “advancement of women.”

The site also has redesigned pages allowed visitors to navigate to local community websites, learn about the Baha’i Shrine in Montreal, and to find out the dates of Baha’i Holy Days.

The website of the Canadian Baha’i News Service has also been updated to reflect the same design at the primary website. Visitors to this news site can also sign up to receive a redesigned newsletter with stories as they are published.