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Office of Public Affairs launches new website

Office of Public Affairs launches new website

The Baha’i Community of Canada’s Office of Public Affairs has launched a new website, which joins and the Canadian Baha’i News Service as part of a family of national Baha’i websites.

The site conveys the purpose and activities of the national Office of Public Affairs, whose staff represent the Baha’i community to government, media, and civil society. The main purpose of the Office is to participate in national public discourses related to a few areas of focus. These areas of focus include reconciliation, the role of youth in society, religion and public life, and citizenship and diversity.

Pages dedicated to each area of focus provide a window into the activity of the Office of Public Affairs in recent years. Significant projects and events are highlighted, with links to websites, documents, videos, and other materials generated by activities and partnerships with other organizations.

The Office of Public Affairs also communicates with the Canadian government regarding the ongoing persecution of Baha’is in Iran and Yemen, and the new website has a dedicated section that includes briefing material, recent government statements, and other relevant information.

In addition, the website contains links to social media accounts and recent stories on the Canadian Baha’i News Service, which are all maintained by the Office of Public Affairs. It also hosts a document library with official statements and reports produced by the Office.

Visit the new website at