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Baha’is elect national governing council

On April 28, 2019, 171 delegates from all regions of Canada gathered in Toronto to elect the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada.

This annual election, undertaken in a prayerful atmosphere without any nominations or campaigning, is a significant and sacred duty of delegates who have been elected from dozens of localities across the country. It is one part of a national convention which extends over several days and includes time for delegates from across the nation to consult on community affairs.

Central to this year’s convention were topics related to the strengthening of community-building processes that Baha’is across the country are actively promoting.

The members elected to serve on the National Spiritual Assembly for the next year are (pictured above, from left to right):

Front row: Dr. Gerald Filson, Hoda Farahmandpour, Elizabeth Wright, Zelalem B. Kasse

Back row: Karen McKye, Dr. Mehran Anvari, Deloria Bighorn, Ciprian Jauca, and Judy Filson.