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Baha’i community of Canada contributes to Interfaith G8/G20 initiative and statement

Baha’i community of Canada contributes to Interfaith G8/G20 initiative and statement

The 2010 Partnership, representing 25 faith-based organizations in Canada and the 22 denominations of the Canadian Council of Churches, released a statement on 14 October that will form the basis of discussions by religious leaders at the 6th Annual Interfaith Leader’s Summit to be held parallel to the G8/G20 political leaders meeting in Canada in June 2010. The statement will also be used as the basis of a public engagement campaign which faith communities will pursue over the coming months.

The statement calls attention to three issues that the religious communities want to see addressed more vigorously by both their own communities as well as the world’s governments: poverty, the environment and peace and security, setting these in the context of the United Nations Millennium Goals.

The statement is available at:

The statement is also being shared with the Canadian Government in advance of the political meetings as Canada is the host of the next annual G8 meeting of the leaders of eight of the world’s leading economies. The G8+5 meetings usually bring together leaders of those eight countries as well as five other world economic powers. In the light of world events over the past year and decisions at the recent Pittsburgh meetings of the G20 countries, the meetings in June will now incorporate the G20 grouping of nations.

The Baha’i Community of Canada has contributed directly to the work of the Partnership which was launched by the Canadian Council of Churches under the leadership of its president, the Reverend Dr. James Christie, Dean of Theology at the University of Winnipeg, and its Executive Director, the Reverend Dr. Karen Hamilton. Dr. Gerald Filson, Director of External Affairs of the Baha’i Community of Canada, was asked to serve on the Steering Committee for the initiative, and Ms Susanne Tamas, Director of Governmental Relations, was asked to serve on the Statement Writing Team. Both have been involved in the preliminary work of the Partnership, and Baha’is in Winnipeg will also help with the Winnipeg hosting committee.

More information on the project can be found at: