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Delegates gather in Toronto to elect National Spiritual Assembly
Members of the National Spiritual Assembly (L-R): Alex Arjomand, Zelalem Bimrew Kasse, Judy Filson, Ciprian Jauca, Hoda Farahmandpour, Mehran Anvari, Karen McKye, Nabet Fani and Jordan Bighorn

Delegates gather in Toronto to elect National Spiritual Assembly

The 74th annual Bahá’í National Convention was held at the Toronto Bahá'í Centre from April 25 – April 28, 2024. The Convention brings together 171 elected delegates from across the country to consult on community affairs and make recommendations to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Canada, the national governing council of the Bahá’í community.

One of the primary functions of the Convention is to allow the gathered delegates to vote for the nine members who will serve on the National Assembly for the coming year. The Bahá’í election process gives each delegate unfettered freedom to vote confidentially for those of his or her own choosing among all the adults of the national community. It is a democratic process that is sacred and dignified, free from nomination or campaigning. 

The Convention also provides an opportunity for consultation among delegates about Bahá’í endeavors and community-building efforts at local, regional, and national levels. These efforts include educational programs, social action initiatives, and participation in societal discourses. The opportunity to attend the National Convention as an observer to the election process is open to all members of the Canadian Baha’i Community. Approximately 155 observers attended this year’s Convention.  

The following individuals were elected to serve as members of the National Spiritual Assembly for the coming year: Mehran Anvari, Alex Arjomand, Jordan Bighorn, Zelalem Bimrew Kasse, Nabet Fani, Hoda Farahmandpour, Judy Filson, Ciprian Jauca and Karen McKye.